Pueblo Las Dunas Entertainment Complex Cayo Santa Maria

Pueblo Las Dunas Jardines Del Rey

The Jardines Del Rey islands have not only been developed with All-Inclusive resorts. Two large shopping and entertainment complexes have been created to quell the shopping desires of visitors to the islands. The first of these is the Pueblo Las Dunas Mall located on Cayo Santa Maria.

Inaugurated in the fall of 2011, the Pueblo Las Dunas Village Shopping and entertainment center is the second of its type on the Jardines del Rey Island of Cayo Santa Maria after the acclaimed Pueblo La Estrella. Equally easy to access on the hop-on hop-off 1 CUC bus, the distances from your hotel are listed below. Prices at both Cayo Santa Maria “Pueblos” should be considered duty free, because they are excellent overall, including the numerous food courts and bars incorporated into each village.

The Cayo Santa Maria Jardines del Rey Pueblo Las Dunas Mall sells everything from Cohiba Cigars to fashion items and everything else imaginable. This village style Mall even has its own outside market with mini stalls and kiosks selling authentic Cuban souvenirs.

The Marcaribe Discotheque is where people in the know go for a night out in the Jardines Del Rey Archipelago, as opposed to the numerous resort discotheques. More of a true “authentic” discotheque like you’re familiar with from back home, there’s a great blend of local Cubans mingling with tourists from all of the resorts on this group of three Jardines Del Rey Islands off the coast of Caibarien. If you’re tired of seeing the same faces at your disco, head down to Marcaribe!

Pueblo Las Dunas has several bars which are all good and offer a little more lively fun than the typical all-inclusive hotel bars at the hotels in Jardines Del Rey Island and Cayo Santa Maria. The El Mosquete Bar is a classically designed bar with a mezzanine deck inside, great people watching! Bar Bolera is a state of the art 6 lane bowling alley, with digital readouts and excellent bar with top level spirits along with international beers.

Bowling Alley Pueblo Las Duna Jardines del Rey

Catering to the visitors of Jardines del Rey are two impressive restaurants; the first is the Galeon del Puerto or sometimes called the Barco del Pirata. It’s built inside a full-scale replica of a Spanish Galleon, right in the center of Pueblo Las Dunas. Galeon del Puerto serves all types of food from a simple burger to an excellent steak dinner. Drinks are also served all day and the décor, complete with seating stalls and, Galleon theme throughout, is a true delight. Then there’s the excellent seafood restaurant called the Isla de Tortuga or Tortoise Island, the breaded prawns here are simply fantastic, as is the Lobster or surf and turf special.

El Fortin Store is a general purpose store. Whether is be a battery for your camera, print some photos for friends or some emergency photo equipment then the will probably have it. They’ll also save photos for you and copy images to a USB Drive if your camera has run out of storage space. The El Ponton store, just next door to the above, is a general goods store offering everything from souvenirs to clothing, soft drinks and knickknacks you may need. They also have the all-important mosquito repellent, sunscreen towels and beachwear. Outside in the plaza there are a myriad of market stands selling genuine Cuban handmade items (NOT Chinese rubbish). Many of the store owners are the artisans who actually make the items on sale, a real pleasure to see the variety of items and colorful offerings.

Cayo Santa Maria Art Sales

Galleria Las Dunas  started selling all types of Cuba Art in 2012, displaying works of art from the Villa Clara province’s young artists, covering all genres from Ashtrays to framed works of Art. Correct documentation is supplied with all artwork sold, including official export papers for Cuban and your own customs back home plus, certificates of origin and authenticity.

Yhi Spa Wellness Center

Even if you have visited Cayo Santa Maria for the day and are not staying on the island, there’s a Spa and wellness center at Pueblo Las Dunas and, it’s very good indeed. Of course, if you have a Spa on your resort you may wish to skip this paragraph, but for those who don’t, this is an excellent alternative and nice day away from your hotel for some pampering. Conveniently located at the entrance of Pueblo Las Dunas, right between the hotels Melia Cayo Santa Maria and Melia Las Dunas, the “Yhi” name is Melia’s own and the name it uses internationally for all its hotel spas. The Yhi Spa Aguas Claras offers an impressive selection of treatments that will soothe mind, body and soul, as well as a broad hydrothermal circuit and numerous relaxation areas. The Aguas Claras Yhi Spa building is also home to the Yhi Beauty Salon. The name “Yhi” is derived from the name of the goddess of light in Australian Aboriginal Karraur mythology.

Pueblo Las Dunas Gym

The gym offers both machines and free-weight training, numerous of the latest digital treadmills and bikes plus a conveniently located TV to watch something while you pound away. Entrance is 10 CUC for two hours and you get to use the showers at the Yhi Spa. The gym is used by Melia Resort staff also , so you can often strike up an interesting chat.

Jardines del Rey Car Rental, Scooter and Bicycle Rental

If you’ve booked a rent a car in advance on these three Jardines del Rey Islands, CubaCAR at this mall on Cayo Santa Maria will probably be where you collect it. The same office rents bicycles and scooters by the hour or per day. This car rental center is the primary car rental office on Cayo Santa Maria and is where one-way car rentals are returned in Jardines del Rey after the rental period.