Pueblo Estrella Entertainment Complex Cayo Santa Maria

Jardines del Rey Pueblo la Estrella Mall

Many people think that the Jardines Del Rey islands are simply masses of All-Inclusive Hotels but, two impressive Shopping Arcades and Entertainment Centers have been built to offer visitors somewhere to get the latest fashion accessories, Authentic Cuban Souvenirs and much more. Furthermore, these centers cater to Jardines del Rey daytrip visitors who are visiting the islands for a day out, driving in from the Mainland cities of Caibarien, Remedios and Santa Clara. This particular Mall offers 8 restaurants at its main food court.

The Pueblo La Estrella Mall on Cayo Santa Maria in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago is an all-in-one entertainment complex designed to give visitors something different and a a complete shopping experience similar to malls back home.

Jardines del Rey pueblo la estrella

Jardines del Rey Pueblo La Estrella Restaurants & Eateries

This Mall on the Jardines del Rey Island of Cayo Santa Maria has 8 restaurants; Katzura Japanese, Aurora International, Vesubio Italian, Fruits de Mer Seafood, Steak House, Yangtze Chinese, La Casona Creole Cuban, Trattoria Italian. There is also a Mc Donald’s style hamburger joint with adjacent beer garden. The La Crèmerie ice cream parlor has over 20 varieties if you arrive on a good day. The honey house must not be missed and a Cigar Cellar

Jardines del Rey Pueblo La Estrella Bars and Cafes

There are 2 excellent bars serving cocktails and top shelf booze, plus a Jazz Cafe. The rum house offers over 50 varieties of Cuban Rum.

Jardines del Rey Pueblo La Estrella Entertianment Center

This little village of Pueblo La Estrella has the following services: beauty parlor, gym, bank (better rates than your hotel), photo center, post office, business center, various stores, jeweler, market stalls in the square during the day, a children’s playground, live music from the center square all day. There’s even a replica church tower which you can climb to the top for a fantastic view and take pictures of the village and the coastline. The bowling and billiard center are quire cheap at just 3.50 CUC entrance fee. The 10 pin bowling with electronic score keeping is a lot of fun for the family, you’ll pay 3.50 pesos each to play.

Jardines del Rey Pueblo La Estrella Spa, Gym & Massage

This wellness center and Spa is amazing and allows you to use all the amenities if you take spa time. You could just be visiting Jardines del Rey for the day but can still use this spa. The pool is surrounded by comfortable nice padded lounge chairs. The spa features sauna, hot tub, cool tub, steam room, showers and massage center. The massage therapists are professional and do a fantastic job; as do the staff who give manicures and pedicures. Prices are reasonable at 15 to 60 CUC making the spa an ideal place to visit if you’re simply visiting Jardines del Rey for the day.