Car Rental Jardines del Rey Cuba | Rent a Car Jardines del Rey Cuba

Jardines del Rey Car Rental

Make your road trip to Jardines del Rey complete and rent a car. Visit any of the islands in this impressive chain of keys on Cuba’s northern coast.

You can book to pick up a rental car or drop off a rental car in Jardines del Rey on the following specific islands:

Cayo Coco Car Rental

Cayo Guillermo Car Rental

Cayo Santa Maria Car Rental

Cayo Ensenachos Car Rental

Cayo Las Brujas Car Rental

The remaining islands of Cayo Romano, Cayo Sabinal, Cayo Guajaba, Cayo Paredon, Cayo Cruz del Padre, Cayo Esquival, Cayo Fragoso do not offer car rental at this time. Primarily due to the absence of causeway access and the islands relative size. However, you can collect and return your rent a car at the above islands, which are all very close by.

If you are looking for Jardines del Rey Car Rental, we are specialists and offer everything from economic cars to the latest jeep 4×4 models. We also offer 7 and 9 seat minivans on the above Jardines del Rey Islands Cuba. Booking your Cuba Car Hire in Jardines del Rey is crucial to your trip. There are few cars available on these islands and pre-booking guarantees your car is taken to the island of your choice. Checking our rates and availability at the links above and you’ll be able to find the car to suit your budget and ensure it is ready and waiting on the exact day and time you choose.

Book your car in Jardines del Rey with Havanautos, CubaCAR, REX or Via Rent a Car now to avoid setbacks or unnecessary unplanned costs while you’re in Cuba.

If you’d prefer a “one-price” offer, we have our FlexiDrive® Road Trip program. It includes both a rental car and hotel voucher to visit any hotel across Cuba within the program, drive at your own pace, without making forward bookings of more than 24 hours in advance and ensuring absolute freedom to discover our beautiful country. The FlexiDrive® package is available from 7 to 30 days, you decide the duration!

Our exclusive Cuba-One-Way® program also caters for those of you who wish to collect your Cuban rent a car in say and island within Jardines del Rey and return it in another city, ensuring that your exact itinerary starting from Jardines del Rey is organized in advance. This also works in reverse, where you can collect a car in say Havana and return it to any of the above islands.