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Pueblo Las Dunas Entertainment Complex Cayo Santa Maria

The Jardines Del Rey islands have not only been developed with All-Inclusive resorts. Two large shopping and entertainment complexes have been created to quell the shopping desires of visitors to the islands. The first of these is the Pueblo Las Dunas Mall located on Cayo Santa Maria. Inaugurated in the fall of 2011, the Pueblo Las […]

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Major Airports for Jardines del Rey Cuba

The closest airport which serves the first three Jardines del Rey Islands is the Las Brujas Airport (IATA: BWW,) its an airport actually on the island of Cayo Las Brujas, serving Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenachos, which has domestic flights from/to Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba and is 0 km km from […]

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Where is Jardines del Rey Cuba?

The Jardines del Rey Archipelago consists of thousands of islands along Cuba’s northern coast. While many of these islands are tiny islets and cays, some are larger islands which have either been developed or, are in the process of being developed, for tourism. Jardines del Rey means The King’s Gardens in English and is quite an apt […]

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Flights to Jardines del Rey Cuba | Domestic Flights Cuba

Are you looking for cheap flights to Cuba’s Cayos? Immediate confirmation of your flight to Jardines del Rey Cuba is just 2 clicks away. We also offer a price comparison of all available airlines to Cuba and Jardines del Rey to allow you to get the best flight deals to Cuba right now. Our Cuba […]

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Casa Particular Jardines del Rey Cuba

Take our advice; you don’t need to stay at an all inclusive hotel costing $1000s to be able to visit the exquisite islands within the Jardines del Rey chain. You can stay at a Casa Particular close to Jardines del Rey and then visit the islands within less than an hour from all of the […]

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Car Rental Jardines del Rey Cuba | Rent a Car Jardines del Rey Cuba

Make your road trip to Jardines del Rey complete and rent a car. Visit any of the islands in this impressive chain of keys on Cuba’s northern coast. You can book to pick up a rental car or drop off a rental car in Jardines del Rey on the following specific islands: Cayo Coco Car […]

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Jardines del Rey Cell Phone Cubacel | Mobile Phone use in Jardines del Rey Cuba

CubaCel offers excellent coverage on most of the Jardines del Rey Island chain. Whether you are visiting just one island or, several within the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, we offer specific advice for mobile phone users on any of the islands. This includes network coverage for both roaming use and those of you who have […]

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